Developing the Next Generation of International Business Lawyers

The International Business Law Fellowship (IBL) Program offers an outstanding educational experience for students who plan to pursue careers in this area of the law. IBL Fellows are invited to attend all programs of the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, Including unique programs designed to introduce them to the specialization. In the upperclass years, IBL Fellows take a wide assortment of courses in the international and business fields to provide the necessary background for successful practice. IBL Fellows also participate in a variety of mentoring and enrichment experiences that prepare them to launch fulfilling careers in international business law.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Fellowships are awarded annually to a select group of promising students after completion of the first year and part-time students after completion of the second year. Applicants must be in the top 25 percent of their class and demonstrate a strong interest and background in international business law.

Fellows must be in the top 40 percent of their class at the end of each academic year and participate fully in fellowship activities and internships. Before graduation, all fellows are required to complete a research paper of publishable quality on an international business law topic of their topic of their choice.

Application Process
Applications for the IBL Fellowship are due on August 1 of the year before the fellowship year.

  • IBL Symposium: Nationalism, Regionalism, and Globalism
  • IBL Symposium: Nationalism, Regionalism, and Globalism
  • IBL Symposium: Nationalism, Regionalism, and Globalism


Brooklyn Lecture on International Business Law — Kahale on ISDS: Wild West of Int’l Law & Arbitration (CLE) on April 3.