COVID-19 Response Update
To learn more about the Law School's policies and procedures visit COVID-19 Information.

Dear Brooklyn Law School Community:

I am writing to share important information about the Law School’s continuing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. We are taking these steps because we want to keep our community safe, as we know you do also. Unfortunately, even as the potential upcoming availability of vaccination gives some hope for the longer term, the short-term situation is at least as dire and risky for our community as it has ever been. With rates of infection and transmission so high, it is critical that we maintain and even redouble our efforts to exercise diligence and caution.

Spring Semester “Baseline” Testing

Anyone planning to be on campus during the Spring semester to attend in-person classes, study for the bar examination, study in the library, or enter the Law School’s premises for any other reason, must submit a negative COVID-19 PCR result from a test taken within 14 days of entering the campus. Similarly, anyone who did not reside in Feil Hall or 148-150 Clinton during the Fall semester, but who plans to live in a residence during the Spring semester, or return to the residence after an absence of 14 days or more, must submit a negative PCR COVID-19 result from a test taken within 14 days of moving in or returning. Failure to provide a negative test result will lead to deactivation of ID card and loss of access to BLS facilities until the test result is provided. Campus residents who do not submit tests will have to quarantine until they produce a negative PCR COVID-19 test result.

Test results should be uploaded to the COVID-19 Test Result Form on BLSConnect.

Spring Semester Random Testing

The Law School will continue to perform randomized-sample testing of our community as described in the Brooklyn Law School Reopening Plan. Testing participants will be selected from (a) the previous week’s daily lists of individuals who enter law school facilities at 250 Joralemon Street or 111 Livingston Street, and (b) all residents in Brooklyn Law School housing at Feil Hall (205 State Street) and 148-150 Clinton Street, including family members and partners. Each person selected for a test will receive an advance e-mail providing the due date of their test results and a link to our reservation system to choose a specific time for a BLS-administered test.

Tests occur each week from Monday to Thursday, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., in Geraldo’s on the lobby level of Feil Hall (205 State Street). Tests will be performed by a registered nurse. The process takes about 10 minutes. To ensure privacy and maintain confidentiality, Geraldo’s has been removed from the reservation system for study space. Two of the printers in Geraldo’s have been relocated to the Feil Hall lobby, and the other one is offline.

If you are not selected for the random testing, you will still be required to obtain a test from an outside testing source and submit the results. Please note that the testing in Geraldo’s is available only for those selected under our random-testing protocol.

Please note that individuals who do not obtain required tests will not be permitted to enter our premises until the result of a negative COVID test has been uploaded to the BLSConnect COVID-19 Test Result Form. Feil Hall and Clinton residents must quarantine until a negative PCR COVID-19 test is submitted. The result must be from a test taken within 14 days of the submission.

Notification of Positive Test Results or Contacts

It is extremely important for the safety of our community that the COVID-19 screening questions are answered truthfully. We have become aware of a few instances where individuals who were on campus either tested positive or were in contact with someone who tested positive or has covid-19 symptoms, but did not promptly notify the Law School either through the COVID-19 screening app or by other means. Fortunately, these situations were handled swiftly, but we want to avoid any further incidents. If you have tested positive, if you have been in contact with anyone who tested positive or displays COVID-like symptoms, or if you are not feeling well, DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS, and contact the COVID Coordinator to report your condition. If you live on campus, please contact Fortune Attardo so arrangements can be made for quarantining.


New York State has developed a phased approach to distributing COVID-19 vaccines. Under Phase 1b, the categories of vaccine-eligible people in our community are: (1) anyone over the age of 65; and (2) in-person faculty or instructors. If you fall into one of these categories, please complete the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Form.

We strongly encourage anyone who is currently eligible to be vaccinated and to upload proof, after their second vaccination dose, to our COVID-19 Vaccination Portal. As with test results, this information will be kept confidential.

Because it will take time for the vaccine to become available to all faculty, students, and staff, it is important that we all adhere to the Law School’s COVID-19 rules and protocols and public health guidelines to protect ourselves and each other from this deadly disease.

Travel Advisory

If you plan to travel outside of New York State, please consult New York State’s COVID-19 Travel Advisory, which is available at Please note that having been vaccinated does not exempt you from the travel advisory.

Finally, it is very important to respond to any calls or emails you may receive from the COVID Coordinator. Not responding puts others at risk.

If you have any questions, please contact or, or refer to the COVID-19 Information page on our website. Thank you for cooperating with our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.

Michael T. Cahill (he/him)
President, Joseph Crea Dean & Professor of Law