The Role, Practice and Perspective of The General Counsel

This seminar will examine the evolving and increasingly multifaceted role of the general counsel -- as lawyer, business person, leader and mentor -- in a corporation or other in-house setting, as well as the challenges and demands that accompany that role. The course will focus on the nature of general counsel legal practice, on the business role of the general counsel, on the general counsel's management of lawyers and of other in-house corporate functions, on the growing emphasis on corporate compliance, and on the ethical issues that in-house lawyers are likely to confront in their daily practice. The course will explore areas of in-house legal practice generally, and the general counsel's perspective on the differences between in-house and law firm practice.

Enrollment Notes:
Students who have earned credit for the Civil Externship Seminar - Corporate Counsel may not earn credit for this course.
Letter grade with pass/fail option Evaluation Method: 24-hour take-home final exam (80%) and class participation (20%).