Civil Externship Seminar - Solo & Small Firm Practice

Prerequisites: 1L course of study This course is the companion seminar for students enrolled in the Civil Practice Externship fieldwork course with placements in solo and small law firms. The course introduces students to the diverse set of business, legal, and interpersonal skills necessary in SSF practice, including the fundamentals of law firm management, building a client base, and ethical compliance. Students will work together in simulated law firms of 2-3 partners as they encounter the various challenges of practicing in this environment. Students will participate in class in role as practicing attorneys and work with their firms to complete assignments and contribute to class discussions. Class time will also be spent discussing the work students do at their placements, the skills they are building, and their impressions of SSF practice.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Letter grade only. Students will be assessed based on group assignments, including a partnership agreement and oral presentation, that simulate the SSF practice environment; on individual assignments including reflective writings; and professionalism and class participation.