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Children and the Law Practicum

A select number of students enrolled in Children and the Law will be eligible to participate in a concurrent three-credit practicum. The practicum will place students in a variety of law offices dealing with different aspects of children and juvenile law, including ones focusing on juvenile justice, family law and education law. These students will work in the children's law office 12-15 hours per week. They will submit regular journals describing their work and the legal issues they confront. They will also meet on a periodic basis with Professor Godsoe to discuss their work. At the end of the semester, they will submit an 8-10 page reflective essay. Students wishing to be considered for the practicum should submit a resume, grade report, and brief statement of why they wish to participate in the practicum to Professor Godsoe. Professor Godsoe will review the applications and refer applicants to the participating law offices for an interview. The individual law offices will decide which students to accept; after acceptance the student will be enrolled administratively enrolled.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:
Pass/Fail only. Students are grade on their journals and essay.