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Beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year, Brooklyn Law School is instituting an across-the-board 15 percent tuition reduction. The tuition reduction is a significant step toward addressing the national challenge of making law school more affordable and accessible to qualified students. The tuition reduction also is part of a package of aid initiatives aimed at engaging a broader array of students by offering a wide variety of aid programs.

Students may borrow federal student loans for the academic year. Graduate Plus Loans are available for the summer if the student is enrolled in six credits or more.

To qualify for a federal student loan, the student must be:

  • Enrolled at least half-time (six credits or more)
  • A citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Making satisfactory academic progress if already enrolled in school
  • Not in default on a previous federal student loan

For males:

  • Males 18-25 must register with Selective Service
  • Males 26 and over who did not register with Selective Service are ineligible for aid
    • The Federal Unsubsidized Loan is available to eligible students regardless of financial need (based on the FAFSA).
    • Students may borrow up to $20,500 in a Federal Unsubsidized Loan per year.
    • The Federal Unsubsidized Loan has a fixed interest rate of 6.21%.
    • Students cannot exceed a maximum aggregate unsubsidized limit of $73,000, including undergraduate loans. Borrowers are responsible for the interest that accrues while in school.
    • Students may be eligible to borrow Graduate Plus Loans up to the cost of attendance (less other aid). The Graduate Plus loan has a fixed interest rate of 7.21%.
    • The Graduate Plus Loan goes into repayment after disbursement, but lenders grant forbearance to students until they graduate.
    • Upon graduation, Graduate Plus Loans will go into immediate repayment unless the student requests a deferment.
    • Applications for Graduate Plus Loans must be made directly with the government at There is no aggregate limit on the Graduate Plus Loan.

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