Character & Fitness/Pre-Registration for the Bar

Pre-Registration for the Bar

In many states, the Board of Bar Examiners requires registration before beginning the study of law. Applicants are encouraged to determine the requirements in the state(s) in which they intend to practice. Consult the Web site of the National Conference of Bar Examiners,, for additional information.

Character and Fitness

Applicants who intend to practice law should be aware that admission to the bar in all states involves an assessment of one’s character, fitness and other qualifications. Applicants are cautioned to give full and accurate answers to each of the questions asked on the application (even if that answer is "none" or "not applicable") as well as those provided in any supporting documents.  At the time that you apply for admission to the bar, a copy of your law school admission application and supplementary materials will be forwarded to the State Committee on Character and Fitness. You will be held accountable for any inconsistencies and non-disclosures. Candidates are urged to consult with an official of the bar as necessary to determine whether any past conduct could keep them from being admitted to the bar in that jurisdiction upon graduation from law school. In New York State (, such inquiries may only be made after one has gained admission to a law school.

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