Student Life

  • Yes. Providing convenient, affordable housing to students is a priority for Brooklyn Law School. We own and operate two student residences, including Feil Hall, a magnificent high-rise building that opened in 2005, which provides housing for 360 students. The School is proud to be able to guarantee housing to all of our first-year students who apply for it by May 1. Read more about housing in the Housing section of our website.

  • Yes. Once you are admitted, you will have the option to purchase health insurance provided by a third party. You must be insured by a qualifying plan or purchase health insurance through the school at the time you begin as a student at Brooklyn Law School. 
  • Student organizations  are an important part of campus life at Brooklyn Law School. We currently have over 40 student organizations (not including our four journals and an array of Moot Court teams).
  • Brooklyn Law School offers a number of international opportunities, including:

    • summer programs in Beijing, China and Bologna, Italy
    • semester-long programs in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Beijing, China; Ningbo, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spanish proficiency required); Cork, Ireland; Hamburg, Germany; Hong Kong, China; Lyon, France; Sonipat, India; Tel Aviv, Israel
    • year-long, J.D./LL.M. programs in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Cork, Ireland; Hamburg, Germany; Lyon, France; Madrid, Spain

     For additional information, please go to Study Abroad Programs in the Academic Program section of our Web site.

  • With prior permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, students may be able to enroll in ABA-approved summer study abroad programs sponsored by other law schools.

  • Brooklyn Law School maintains four computer labs in its Library on the lower level, and on floors 2M and 3. A limited number of laptop computers can be borrowed at the Library’s circulation desk for a period of up to four hours at a time. Library laptops cannot be taken out of the Library. The labs and laptops permit access to the Internet, word processing, LEXIS-NEXIS®, WESTLAW®, and other computer-assisted legal instruction programs.

    Over 1,300 network outlets in the Library and in the classrooms allow direct network access for laptop computers via Ethernet connections. Additionally, there are wireless network connections available in the library, classrooms, and other public areas.

    Since there are a limited number of computers in the labs, we strongly recommend that students consider purchasing a laptop for law school use. The advantage of a laptop is that it can be used at home, in class, or in any public area of the law school. Additionally, those who have their own laptops can use them to type their exams rather than writing them by hand. If you are about to purchase a laptop, the following are our minimum suggested specifications:

    • Pentium 4, 1.5 gigahertz or faster processor
    • 512 megabytes of RAM (XP), 1 gigabyte of RAM (Vista)
    • 60 gigabyte hard drive
    • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system
    • 56K modem if you wish to connect to us from home via a dial up modem
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet adaptor, if you wish to use our wireless network
    • 802.116 (Wi-Fi) or 802.11g network adapter, if you wish to use our wireless network
    • Please note that as of May 2006, laptops containing Intel's Centrino Duo chipset have problems connecting to our wireless network. You may wish to avoid these laptops.)
    • CD-ROM, CD-RW or DVD drive

    Brooklyn Law School provides free wireless Internet and e-mail accounts to all students. You will be required to check your school-provided e-mail account on a regular basis for official notices. Your e-mail account will continue for fifteen months after graduation. Information regarding how to log on to your accounts will be given to you during orientation.

    Faculty and staff use Microsoft Word as their word processor. The Information Technology Office provides Microsoft Word and Symantec Antivirus at no charge to all entering students upon request

    You may also use your own Internet account to get your Brooklyn Law School e-mail and to access the Law School website.

    More detailed information about computer technology and services can be found in the Information Technology section of this website.


  • Brooklyn Law School offers its students a laptop purchase program through CDWG, one of its hardware and software vendors. Students may purchase a laptop and other items at discount prices through a special website set up by CDWG. Read more.
  • Please see here for information about safety and security at Brooklyn Law School and our neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights, as well as the Law School's annual security and fire safety report. 

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