• Symposium

    International Telecommunications Law in the Post-Deregulatory Landscape
    Co-Sponsored with the Brooklyn Law School Center for the Study of International Business Law

    Joan G. Wexler

    Panel I: Telecommunications Developments in the European Union

    Principal Papers

    The Post-Deregulatory Landscape in International Telecommunications Law: A Unique European Union Approach?
    Herbert Burkert

    Governing Networks: Telecommunication Deregulation in Europe and the United States
    David Lazer
    Vicktor Mayer-Schönberger

    Panel I: Discussion Transcript

    Panel II: ICANN and WIPO at Work: Towards a Paradigm of International Telecommunications Governance?

    Principal Papers

    The Managing Lawmaker in Cyberspace: A Power Model
    Tamar Frankel

    Fair.com?: An Examination of the Allegations of Systemic Unfairness in the ICANN UDRP
    Michael Geist

    Panel II: Discussion Transcript

    Keynote Address
    Reed E. Hundt

  • Panel III: International Trade in Media Products

    Commentary: Globalism and National Media Policies in the United States and Canada: A Critique of C. Edwin Baker’s Media, Markets, and Democracy
    Jerome A. Barron

    Panel III: Discussion Transcript

    Notes and Comments:

    Casting a Constitutional Controversy as a Nonjusticiable Political Question: Made in the USA Foundation v. United States
    Moses David Breuer

    Motives and Consequences of the FSC Dispute: Recent Salvo in a Long Standing Trade War or Fashioning a Bargaining Chip?
    Nicholas J. Minella

    Recognition of Indigenous Heritage in the Modern World: U.S. Legal Protection in Light of International Custom
    Kristin Ann Mattiske

    Is Uganda’s “No-Party” System Discriminatory Against Women and a Violation of International Law?
    Amy N. Lippincott

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