• Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Alumni Issue

    Alumni Articles:

    Napster Near and Far: Will the Ninth Circuit's Ruling Affect Secondary Infringement in the Outer Reaches of Cyberspace?
    Michael S. Elkin
    Alexandra Khlyavich

    It Began at Brooklyn: Expanding Boundaries For First-Year Law Students By Internationalizing the Legal Writing Curriculum
    Diane Penneys Edelman

    International Investors' Rights and Remedies in the Adjudication of Disputes With U.S. Securities and Commodities Firms in the Context of U.S. Arbitral Forum Selection
    Madelaine Eppenstein

    One Country, Two Systems: The Inherent Conflict Between China's Communist Politics and Capitalist Securities Market
    William I. Friedman

    Alumni Research Guides

    The Case of General Augusto Pinochet: A Legal Research Guide
    Kathleen M. Johnson

    A Guide to Researching the Caribbean Court of Justice
    Rhea P. Hamilton

  • Andrew P. Vance Memorial Writing Competition Winners

    The Beef Hormone Dispute and Carousel Sanctions: A Roundabout Way of Forcing Compliance With World Trade Organization Decisions
    Rosemary A. Ford

    Legal Strategies For Challenging the Current EU Anti-Dumping Campaign Against Imports From China: A Chinese Perspective
    Hongliu Gong


    Right of the Abode Cases: The Judicial Independence of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region v. The Sovereignty Interests of China

    Resurrecting the International Whaling Commission: Suggestions to Strengthen the Conservation Effort

    Problems in Enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

    The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000: The Australian Government's Substandard Attempt to Allay Privacy Concerns and Regulate Internet Privacy in the Private Sector

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