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    Providing Liquidity in a High-Frequency World: Trading Obligations and Privileges of Market Makers and a Private Right of Action
    Stanislav Dolgopolov

    A Model for Measuring the Expected Value of Assuming Tax-Partnership Liability
    Bradley T. Borden, Joseph Binder, Ethan Blinder & Louis Incatasciato

    Brand Name Replicas and Bank Secrecy: Exploring Attitudes and Anxieties Towards Chinese Banks in the Tiffany and Gucci Cases
    Megan C. Chang & Terry E. Chang

    Evolving Corporate Governance Standards for Healthcare Nonprofits: Is Board of Director Compensation a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?
    Mark S. Blodgett, Linda J. Melconian & Jason H. Peterson

  • Notes:

    Permeating the Good Old Boys Club: Why Holding the Commissioner of Baseball to a Fiduciary Duty of Loyality is in the “Best Interests” of the Game
    Frank J. Marallo, Jr.

    Program Integrity and the Implications of the Corporate Identity in Higher Education
    Julian T. Miller

    The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A New Approach to the Reasonable and Bona Fide Expenditure Defense
    Elizabeth S. Shingler

    Developing a Precise Definition: The Fifth Circuit Addresses the Scope of the “In Connection With” Requirement Under SLUSA
    Elizabeth C. Schauber

    Mergers of Majors: Applying the Failing Firm Doctrine in the Recorded Music Industry
    Joshua R. Wueller

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