Recent Faculty Scholarship

Great scholarship serves the community in many ways. Brooklyn Law School’s faculty have produced a remarkable collection of work on a wide range of topics that have reached readers worldwide. They have influenced legislation, judicial decisions, and teaching methodologies. In this section is a small sampling of some of the more recent research that is a source of great pride for the Law School. Read more about the scholarship produced in the last several years.

Marsha Garrison
Marsha Garrison

Marsha Garrison
Marriage at a Crossroads, Cambridge University Press (2012)

In light of the ongoing debate about marriage in the United States and recent Census statistics about marriage and family makeup, Garrison’s new book, Marriage at a Crossroads, is particularly timely. She co-edited the book with Columbia University professor Elizabeth Scott and it will be published later this year by Cambridge University Press.

Marriage at a Crossroads captures the complexity of the debate about marriage within an interdisciplinary framework. The authors have backgrounds in law, sociology, demography, and economics. They address questions related to why people marry and why they don’t, the economics of marriage, the rise of cohabitation, and heterosexual and same-sex marriage from theoretical and public policy perspectives. Garrison argues that current debate must be informed by the best available evidence in order to advance societal understanding of marriage and other family forms and to enable policy makers to evaluate competing policy alternatives that are the subject of current debate.

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