• Symposium: Bankruptcy in the Global Village: The Second Decade

    Co-sponsored with the Brooklyn Law School Center for the Study of International Business Law

    Neil B. Cohen
    Michael A. Gerber
    Edward J. Janger


    Global Insolvency Law and the Role of Multinational Institutions
    Christoph G. Paulus


    Maintaining the Momentum: The Continuing Quest for Global Standards and Principles to Govern Cross-Border Insolvency
    Ian F. Fletcher

    The Myth (and Realities) of Forum Shopping in Transnational Insolvency
    John A. E. Pottow

    Universal Proceduralism
    Edward J. Janger

    Incrementalisms in Global Lawmaking
    Susan Block-Lieb
    Terence C. Halliday

    Choosing the Law Governing Security Interests in International Bankruptcies
    Steven L. Harris

    The Effect of Reorganization Proceedings on Security Interests: The Position Under English and U.S. Law
    Nick Segal

    Where are all the Transnational Bankruptcies? The Puzzling Case for Universalism
    Robert K. Rasmussen

  • Group Insolvency—Choice of Forum and Law: The European Experience Under the Influence of English Pragmatism
    Gabriel Moss QC

    Locating the Eye of the Financial Storm
    Jay Lawrence Westbrook

    Canada-United States Cross-Border Insolvency Relations andThe UNCITRAL Model Law
    Jacob Ziegel

    Legitimacy, Technology, and Leverage: The Building Blocks of Insolvency Architecture in the Decade Past and the Decade Ahead
    Terence C. Halliday


    The Hague Convention on Choice-of-Court Agreements: Is the Public Policy Exception Helping Click-Away the Security of Non-Negotiated Agreements?
    Keri Bruce

    Taking a Gamble on Public Morals: Invoking the Article XIV Exception to GATS
    Irem Dogan

    A Shot Across the Bow: Changing the Paradigm of Foreign Direct Investment Review in the United States
    Shannon M. Haley

    Morality v. Reality: The Struggle to Effectively Fight HIV/AIDS and Respect Human Rights
    Erica Tracy Kagan

    Nonrefoulement Under the Convention Against Torture: How U.S. Allowances for Diplomatic Assurances Contravene Treaty Obligations and Federal Law
    Jane C. Kim

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