• Symposium

    Intellectual Property Online: The Challenge of Multi-Territorial Disputes
    Co-sponsored with the Brooklyn Law School
    Center for the Study of International Business Law
    October 8, 2004

    Samuel K. Murumba

    Panel I: Resolution Through Conflict of Laws

    The ALI Principles on Transnational Intellectual Property Disputes: Why Invite Conflicts?
    Rochelle Dreyfuss

    A European Point of View on the ALI Principles—Intellectual Property: Principles Governing Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Judgments in Transnational Disputes
    François Dessemontet

    Intellectual Property Rights, Conflict of Laws and International Jurisdiction: Applicability of ALI Principles in Japan?
    Toshiyuki Kono

    Graeme Dinwoodie

    Panel II: Substantive Harmonization and Other Approaches

    Intellectual Property Politics and the Private International Law of Copyright Ownership
    Graeme W. Austin

    Trademarks and the Internet: Resolution of International IP Disputes by Unilateral Application of U.S. Laws
    Richard L. Garnett

    Applicable Law: An Alternative Proposal for International Regulation—The Max-Planck Project on International Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
    Annette Kur

  • Additional Article

    The Conundrum of Corporate Governance
    Cally Jordan


    Complying with International Law: A Call for Free and Fair Elections
    Lara R. Corchado

    Filtering the Smoke Out of Cigarette Websites: A Technological Solution to Enforcing Judgments Against Offshore Websites
    Michael Kwon

    Judging the Judges: Dispute Resolution at the Olympic Games
    Kristin L. Savarese
    Rice and Cheese, Anyone? The Fight over TRIPS Geographical Indications Continues
    Jinghua Zou

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