• Articles:

    Revisiting the Recidivism – Chapter 22 Phenomenon in the U.S. Bankruptcy System
    Edward I. Altman

    What Is a “Social” Business and Why Does the Answer Matter?
    Justin Blount & Patricia Nunley

    Déjà Vu All Over Again? The Internal Affairs Rule and Entity Law Convergence Patterns in Europe and the United States
    Matthew G. Doré

    SEC Regulatory Analysis: “A Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There”
    Jerry Ellig & Hester Peirce

    Hedge Fund Activism Coming to Europe: Lessons from the American Experience
    Alexandros Seretakis


  • Notes:

    Regulating Channel Checks: Clarifying the Legality of Supply-Chain Research
    Marron C. Doherty

    Preserving the Secured Creditor’s Bargain in Chapter 11 Cramdown Scenarios
    Brian P. Hanley

    Reverse Payment Settlements: The Ongoing Dilemma After FTC v. Actavis
    Ann L. Knuckles

    Admission of Wrongdoing: Increasing Public Accountability in SEC Settlements
    Peter R. Flynn

    “Asleep at the Switch”? The Need to Hold Sophisticated Creditors to Higher Standards in Chapter 11
    Liana-Marie Lien


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