• Symposium

    Securities Market Structure and Regulation: What Does the Future Hold?

    Norman S. Poser


    Intermarket Competition and Monopoly Power in the U.S. Stock Markets
    Roger D. Blanc

    Entropy and the National Market System
    Junius W. Peake

    Self and Self-Regulation: Resolving the SRO Identity Crisis
    Onnig H. Dombalagian

    The Once and Future New York Stock Exchange: The Regulation of Global Exchanges
    Roberta S. Karmel

    The Essential Role of Regulation in Promoting Equity Market Competition
    Daniel M. Gray

    Suggestions for Procedural Reform in Securities Market Regulation
    Lanny A. Schwartz

  • Note:

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the Merrill Lynch Analyst Ratings Scandal: Legislative and Prosecutorial Responses to Corporate Malfeasance
    Christopher Lucas

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