The Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law

A Select Path to International Business

For students interested in pursuing a career in international business law, the International Business Law Fellowship Program offers an outstanding educational experience.

Student fellows are invited to attend all programs of the International Business Law Center, including special programs to introduce them to the many facets of international business law. In the upperclass years, IBL fellows take a wide assortment of courses in the international and business fields to provide the necessary background for successful practice. Each fellow is assigned a faculty advisor each year who teaches in the fellow's area of interest; the advisor tracks the student's academic progress, offers advice on employment opportunities, and monitors his or her research project. Fellows enroll at Brooklyn Law School from all over the United States and around the world. This diversity enhances the study of international law.

In recent years, fellows have come to us from Bulgaria, China, Colombia, France, Guyana, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Selection of Fellows
International Business Law Fellowships are awarded annually to a select group of promising students entering Brooklyn Law School. Demonstrated academic achievement and the applicant's interest and background in international business law are important factors for the Fellowship Selection Committee. All information in a candidate's admission application is made available to the Selection Committee. In late April or early May, after interviewing the finalists, the Selection Committee chooses the entering students who are designated International Business Law Fellows.

Students from the upper classes are also awarded International Business Law Fellowships. Full-time students are eligible after their first year and part-time students are eligible after their second year.

International Business Law Fellowship Opportunity for Students Participating in a Foreign LL.M. program
Students who are participating in a year-long foreign LL.M. program may apply for the fellowship for their third year at law school. Applicants must be in the top 25 percent of the class and apply by August 1 prior to the their third year. The application must include a statement of why you want to participate in the program, copy of your transcript and current resume and one recommendation letter from a faculty member. If accepted as a fellow you will be invited to all center events and write a paper on an international business law topic which is required for all fellows which is presented in the spring semester.

Scholarship Assistance 
Fellows receive an annual scholarship equivalent to the value of the Brooklyn Law School Lisle Scholarship. This scholarship replaces any other merit scholarship awarded by the Law School. If a fellow is awarded a merit scholarship by the Law School that is higher than the Fellowship Program scholarship, the fellow receives the higher amount. Renewal of a fellowship scholarship is contingent upon the fellow maintaining a cumulative academic rank in the top 40 percent of his or her graduating class at the end of each spring semester at the Law School, and full participation in fellowship activities and internships.

Summer Internships
Full-time fellows also receive a guarantee of paid employment during the summer between their first and second year of law school. The employment may be a financial institution placement, a governmental internship, or a research assistant position with a Center faculty member. This experience provides fellows with early, direct involvement in international or business law issues and practice opportunities.

Research and Writing Opportunities
Full-time students who received a fellowship upon entry to the School, and finish the first year with an academic rank in the top 25 percent of their class, with good indicia of legal writing have the option of becoming staff members of the Brooklyn Journal of International Law after the first year. Upperclass fellows are given the option of working as faculty research assistants, for which they receive a stipend. Before graduation, all fellows are required to complete a research paper of publishable quality – under the close supervision of a Center faculty member – on an international business law topic of their choice. This allows students to satisfy the School's upperclass writing requirement while pursuing a scholarly topic of interest to them. An article written for a journal may qualify. Fellows formally present their papers to the other fellows and faculty during the last semester of enrollment. 

Mentoring Programs
All fellows are annually assigned a faculty advisor – a member of the Steering Committee of the Center – who teaches in the fellow’s area of interest. The advisor tracks the student’s academic progress, offers advice concerning employment opportunities, and monitors his or her research project. First-year fellows benefit from the experience of the third- and fourth-year fellows who serve as student counselors, providing information about activities of the Center and advice about their roles as fellows. In an optional program available upon request, upperclass fellows are matched with a mentor who is a graduate of the Law School and a former fellow. Alumni mentors provide guidance on a variety of subjects, including job hunting, interviewing, selecting the right job, preparing for the bar exam, and coping with the demands of career employment.

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