CUBE: Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship

CUBE: Expertise

CUBE will link complementary fields of law and entrepreneurship to solve puzzles related to startup culture, entrepreneurship, and the legal hurdles to starting new ventures. It will also bring together practitioners, entrepreneurs, students, academics, and policymakers to address challenges of entrepreneurship from both legal and non-legal perspectives.

CUBE affiliated faculty:

  • David Reiss
  • Jonathan Askin

CUBE will also extend beyond U.S. borders, serving as the U.S. “landing strip” for a European consortium of 16 academic partners. Among them are Queen Mary University of London Centre for Commercial Law Studies in England, the KU Leuven Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT in Belgium, the University of Hamburg Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research in Germany, and the University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law, in the Netherlands.

View video of the recent Entrepreneur Lawyers Showcase Program.

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