Recent Faculty Scholarship

Great scholarship serves the community in many ways. Brooklyn Law School’s faculty have produced a remarkable collection of work on a wide range of topics that have reached readers worldwide. They have influenced legislation, judicial decisions, and teaching methodologies. In this section is a small sampling of some of the more recent research that is a source of great pride for the Law School. Read more about the scholarship produced in the last several years.

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Norman Poser

Norman Poser
Lord Mansfield: Justice in the Age of Reason

In the first modern biography of Lord Mansfield (1705–1793), Professor Norman S. Poser details the life and times of the great 18th-century judge and statesman, whose legacy continues to have a unique influence on Anglo-American law and society. The son of a minor Scottish nobleman who skirted charges of treason, Mansfield rose through English society to become a member of its ruling aristocracy, confidential advisor to two kings, and friend to statesmen, poets, artists, actors, bishops, soldiers, and members of the nobility. His extraordinary political career – both before and during his unprecedented 32-year tenure as Chief Justice of England – offers a portrait of a fascinating era.

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