Steven Dean

Professor of Law

250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Areas of Expertise
Federal Income Tax
International Tax
Budget Policy
Offshore Finance
Social Enterprise
Regulatory Complexity
B.A., Williams College
J.D., Yale Law School

Professor Steven Dean on President Obama’s Small Business Tax Incentives

7/13/2012 Professor Steven Dean commented on President Obama’s new proposed tax incentive for small businesses on China Central Television. If the proposal passes, business owners with fewer than 100 employees would be able to write off up to $250,000 in capital investment.  Read More

Professor Dean Editorializes About Tax ‘Barter System’

If the United States wants improved access to extraterritorial tax information, it should push to change the internationally agreed-upon “barter system” currently in use, argues Brooklyn Law School Professor Steven A. Dean in a recent opinion piece published by The National Law Journal.
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Professor Dean on Tax Evasion in The National Law Journal

Professor Steven A. Dean’s op-ed article on tax evasion was published in The National Law Journal on September 11, 2006. In the article, he suggests a new direction in the fight against foreign tax havens by making the governments of the tax havens partners in the effort to crack down on tax evasion. Professor Dean wrote, "The United States alone loses $50 billion a year in tax revenues because its citizens and residents hide their money in offshore tax havens...sharing a fixed percentage of any part of the lost $50 billion that tax havens help them to recover...could simultaneously solve both the incentive and the resource problems that keep tax havens from fully cooperating with anti-tax evasion efforts.”
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