Minor Myers

Associate Professor of Law

250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Areas of Expertise
Corporate Law
Local Government Law
B.A., Connecticut College
J.D., Yale Law School

Professor Minor Myers’ Article on Retired Supreme Court Justices Cited in Washington Post

3/12/2013 Professor Minor Myers’ article, “The Judicial Service of Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justices,” 32 Journal of Supreme Court History 46 (2007), was prominently cited in a recent Washington Post article.  Read More

Professor Minor Myers on the Frustrations of U.S. Shareholders in the Financial Times

In a recent Financial Times article, Professor Minor Myers commented on new options for frustrated U.S. shareholders. Whereas unhappy investors once felt their only choices were to sell their stock or sue the company, the SEC has begun to force boards of directors to properly respond to their majority holders.
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Visiting Assistant Professor Myers Editorializes About Globalization of Olympics

In “How Freedom Turned Talent into Olympic Gold,” co-writers George L. Priest and Professor Minor Myers compare the success of various countries in the 2008 Summer Olympics to economic globalization. Published in the Wall Street Journal, the article explores the similarities between cornering different athletic fields with cornering different economic markets.
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