Clinic - Civil Practice Externship

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: David Dince, Diana Sen, Elaine Reiss, Glenn Magpantay, Jodi S. Balsam, Joy Weber, Kevan Cleary, Lisa Smith, Mark Merriman, Ralph DePalma

Students select an area of civil practice in which they will focus and are assigned to work in a placement in that concentration. The areas of concentration are: Arts and Entertainment; Client Centered/Individual Responsibility; Corporate Counsel; Government Litigation and Counsel; and Investors, Securities and Market Regulation. Students are placed in an office in the selected area of practice, where they intern under the supervision of an attorney in practice. The students' responsibilities will, of course, vary with the type of setting and practice they have chosen. Students are required to identify the individual goals they hope to achieve through their internship so that the work experience can be structured to meet those goals. Students typically have responsibility for conducting client interviews and undertaking fact investigation, legal research and drafting written memoranda and other documents, engaging in agency and court proceedings on behalf of the clients, and generally performing tasks that would be appropriate for a junior attorney under supervision.

Seminar Credits: 1.00

Seminar: The clinic includes a 1-credit seminar based on the students' area of concentration and focusing on their particular experiences. These seminars are taught by adjunct instructors chosen for their knowledge of the area of law and practice, all of whom have extensive experience both in practice and in the supervision of law students in a practice environment.

Enrollment Notes: Students can take two semesters in the same placement or in the same practice setting regardless of the placement. The seminar may not be repeated in the same practice area but students will have to fulfill other course requirements including journals and periodic meetings with the clinic director.

Students can take a third semester in the same practice setting at a different placement only with permission of the instructor and only upon a showing of the educational benefit to be derived. In the event that a third semester in the same practice setting is approved, a student will be required to meet regularly with an assigned faculty member to review the progress of the externship. Students can take a third or even fourth semester in the Civil Clinic in different practice settings, but must participate in the seminar corresponding to that practice setting for that semester and fulfill the requirements of the course.