Taxation of Securities and Other Financial Instruments

Credits: 2.00

Pre or co-requisite: Federal Income Taxation or instructor's permission

This course is designed to familiarize you with the federal income taxation of a number of different types of securities and financial instruments, including stocks, debt instruments, options, warrants, forwards, futures, and notional principal contracts. The course is intended not only for those who may be considering specializing in the financial products area but also students preparing for a general tax practice. The rules examined in this course are highly relevant in a variety of practice settings - in part because they are applicable to corporations, financial institutions, not-for-profits, high-net worth individuals, and many other types of clients. The material addressed is also relevant for those who may be considering a career in certain sectors outside a traditional law practice, such as finance or investment management. The course will use a lecture and problem set approach. Numerous life examples will be considered. Class participation is expected and encouraged. There will be a final examination. No prior financial markets or economics experience is needed for this course.