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1901 Society

The 1901 Society is an influential group of alumni and friends who through their generosity and expertise honor Brooklyn Law School’s past by helping shape its future. Members serve as an important philanthropic and special advisory group for the School and together help ensure the Law School’s renowned stature in legal education.

  • Members of the 1901 Society are invited to our biannual Leading the School events, which solicit input from members on current opportunities and challenges facing Brooklyn Law School. Through these planning sessions, members work together to share insights and problem-solve for the Law School in partnership with the Dean. Members are also invited to other exclusive programs, including social gatherings with visiting dignitaries and professional lectures and symposia.

  • If you are not a member already, join by making a contribution of $5,000 or more annually, or $1,000 or more annually for recent graduates (within the last 10 years). To make your gift, simply click on the red GIVE HERE! button above or contact Brooklyn Law School’s Development Office at (718) 780-7505 or at

  • Members Associate Members
    Frances M. Friedman '39
    Prof. Joseph Crea '47
    Sam Bernsen '49
    Marvin I. Sameth '50
    Solomon J. Freedman '52
    Samuel P. Sporn '53
    Paul Fink '54
    Irving Gutin '54
    Larry A. Silverstein '55
    Robert M. Kaufman '57
    Irwin B. Polinsky '57
    Irwin B. Cohen '58
    Michael Romanoff '58
    Howard S. Finkelstein '59
    Jack Glaser '60
    Irwin Engelman '61
    Kenneth L. Shapiro '61
    J. Richard MacMurray '62
    Martin Minkowitz '63
    Martin A. Fischer '64
    Sayward Mazur '64
    Michael O. Gittelsohn '66
    Bernard Nash '66
    Dennis J. Block '67
    Frederick Cohen '67
    Neil S. Goldstein '67
    Stanley M. Grossman '67
    Allen J. Grubman '67
    Howard H. Stein '67
    Wilfred J. Halpern '68
    Stuart Subotnick '68
    Jeffrey D. Forchelli '69
    David Gerson '69
    Geraldo Rivera '69
    Eugene R. Scheiman '69
    Myron S. Schonfeld '69
    Gerald L. Shargel '69
    Roy M. Sparber '69
    Howard J. Rothman '71
    Nicholas J. Camera '72
    Daniel P. Cronin '72
    Jeffrey J. Feil '73
    Scott L. Hazan '73
    Jane A. Kanter '73
    Marian Probst Rosner '73
    Neil Brody '74
    Harriet Newman Cohen '74
    Steven S. Elbaum '74
    Bruce E. Fader '74
    Gary M. Rosenberg '74
    Charles W. Segal '74
    Timothy W. Ulrich '74
    Joel H. Bernstein '75
    John Paul Browne '75
    Stephen J. Dannhauser '75
    J. Michael Fried '75
    Florence Subin '75
    Lawrence A. Sucharow '75
    Laurence Urgenson '75
    Jay R. Fialkoff '76
    Noah J. Hanft '76
    Paul J. Korngold '76
    Linda H. Lamel '76
    Jonathan M. Plasse '76
    Charles S. Cohen '77
    Brian T. Davis '77
    Kenneth P. Nolan '77
    Barry Salzberg '77
    Bradley S. Keller '79
    Richard Stern '79
    Maxine Frank '80
    Jeffrey S. Sherman '80
    Susan A. Greenberg-Thrope '81
    Sharon Katz '81
    Caleb D. Koeppel '81
    Francis J. Aquila '83
    Eric M. Friedberg '83
    Michael D. Grohman '83
    Debra G. Humphreys '84
    Stacy J. Kanter '84
    Kenneth A. Kopelman '84
    Eric M. Kornblau '84
    Catherine M. McGrath '84
    John P. Oswald '84
    Warren T. Lazarow '86
    Brian S. Sokoloff '86
    Jodi Levine Avergun '87
    David Michael Barse '87
    Jeffrey A. Block '87
    Susan K. Foster '87
    David J. Woll '87
    Valerie Fitch '88
    Jacqueline McMickens '88
    James D. O'Donnell '88
    Amy C. Reich '88
    Joseph H. Smolinsky '88
    David A. Berger '89
    Howard S. Hershenhorn '89
    Robert T. Schmidt '89
    Barry S. Taus '89
    Andrew T. Frankel '90
    Andrew G. Finkelstein '91
    Edmond T. FitzGerald '91
    Evan B. Azriliant '92
    Michael A. Fischer '92
    Deborah E. Riegel '93
    Theodore E. Tsekerides '93
    Michael P. Levy '94
    Douglas Sharrott '94
    Herbert J. Willcox '95
    Jeffrey T. Scott '96
    Michael A. Asaro '98
    Gloria R. Greco '98
    Colleen L. Caden '99
    James C. Gange '99
    David K. Mitnick '00
    Gary O. Ravert '00
    Vinoo P. Varghese '00
    Dean Nicholas W. Allard
    Dr. Myron L. Belfer
    Robert B. Catell
    Belle Chameides
    Steven B Chameides
    Frank C. Dal Lago, Sr.
    Dorothy Dicker
    Tami Director
    Samuel Frieder
    Prof. Michael A. Gerber
    Hon. Reed Hundt
    Prof. Roberta S. Karmel
    Steven H. Kram
    Cheryl Metrick
    Anton Nader
    Kenneth Sciara
    Dr. Jerome Zwanger
    Daniel B. Besikof '04
    Emily A. Colbert '04
    Roger J. Griesmeyer '04
    Lowell Jay Sidney '04
    Allie A. Cheatham '05
    Lawrence S. Elbaum '05
    Saima Majid '05
    Jennifer L. Marines '05
    Timothy D. Oberweger '05
    Kathleen M. Chastaine '06
    Scott B. Selinger '06
    Aaron Warshaw '07
    Shannon M. Haley '08
    Leo Kittay '08
    Kevin Zuzolo '08
    Ashley E. Fisher '09
    Tamar Kaplan-Marans '09
    Sasha Lefkowitz Linney '11
    Paul E. Means '11
    Sean E. Comerford '12
    Tyler J. Korff '12
    Stephen B. Popernik '13
    Mary Willis White '13
  • Leading the School: Jobs & Law School Affordability in the New World of Law

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Members of the 1901 Society were invited to participate in this highly interactive working session regarding two of the most important issues facing the Law School: meeting the challenges of the new legal employment environment and improving law school affordability. The event was led by Dean Nick Allard and included special presentations by Vice Dean Michael Cahill, Assistant Dean of Career Development Karen Eisen, and Associate Director of Admissions Alicia Meehan on the current strategies related to these topics. Following the presentations, members divided into break-out groups to discuss in-depth ways to increase students’ job prospects and improve law school affordability. Thoughts and insights centered on using BLS alumni to serve as BLS ambassadors, increasing the resources in the Career Services Department, enhancing our curricular specialties to help burnish students’ credentials, and building the BLS network. This event emphasized the importance of 1901 Society members not only through their generosity to the Law School, but in helping to cultivate an alumni culture and community that will strengthen the school’s position in the outside world.

    1901 Society Premiere: Shakespeare and the Law

    Monday, April 7, 2014

    Members of the 1901 Society were invited to this exclusive and highly interactive program at the newly constructed Theatre for a New Audience in Brooklyn. Highlights included a backstage tour of this state-of-the-art facility, a special presentation by the Theatre’s staff, and a discussion panel moderated by Dean Allard regarding legal matters presented in Shakespeare’s work. Additionally, there were breakout group discussions among 1901 Society Members, BLS faculty and students, and student presentations that summarized their groups’ findings. Our Premiere introduced the collaborative and unique working relationship that the 1901 Society has with the Dean and Law School faculty and students.

    See photos from this event

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September 18, 2014
Leading the School: Addressing Jobs and Law School Affordability in the New World of Law
Members are invited to this interactive planning session to discuss innovative strategies for increasing students’ job prospects and addressing affordability.