Mass Media Law

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Joel Kurtzberg

This course surveys the law governing journalism and the news media with special attention to First Amendment issues. Among the topics covered are: the meaning of the Free Press Clause; the role of the press in the electoral process; restraints on the publication of national security secrets; media liability for libel and invasion of privacy; limits on the use of intrusive and deceptive newsgathering methods; the protection of confidential sources; media coverage of military operations during wartime; media access to government information, proceedings, and facilities; media coverage of high-profile criminal cases and the "fair trial v. free press" problem; differential treatment of print and broadcast journalism; the impact of copyright law on news reporting; legal and policy responses to increased globalization and conglomerate ownership of news media companies; and the effect of the internet on the practice of journalism. (Formerly titled Mass Media and the First Amendment).