Comparative Constitutional Law

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: William Hellerstein

This course is a study of the comparative treatment by European countries, Israel, Canada and the United States of selected constitutional problems from among such topics as: freedom of expression (e.g. defamation, group libel and hate speech, pornography as subordination of women, obscentity, prior restraint, licensing, censorship, fair trial); national security issues; religious freedom (e.g. free exercise, establishment, freedom from religion); right to die, assisted suicide and euthanasia; women's rights (abortion, equality affirmative action); minority rights; and social welfare rights.

Grading and Method of Evaluation

Letter grade with pass/fail option. Final exam. In lieu of an exam, students may write a paper which can be used to satisfy the Upperclass Writing Requirement. They may also write a paper that does not fulfill that requirement