Race, Gender, and Crime Seminar

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: I. Bennett Capers

This seminar will explore the intersections of race, gender, and crime. How does the historical context of race and sex relations in this country impact what we criminalize, or how we enforce the law? Can thinking about race and crime help us think about gender and crime, and vice versa? To answer these and other questions, this seminar will examine various criminal law and criminal procedure issuesfrom racial profiling to prosecutorial discretion, from domestic violence to rape, from hate crimes to capital punishmentas well as race-based and gender-based critiques of these issues. The goal of the seminar is two-fold. One, to provide students a deeper understanding of criminal law and criminal procedure issues, putting such issues in historical context. Two, to provide students an opportunity to challenge  critically and collegially  basic assumptions about race, gender, and crime.

Grading and Method of Evaluation

Letter grade with pass/fail option. Students will be graded on class participation, presentations, and response papers. Students seeking to fulfill the Upperclass Writing Requirement may also write a paper.